About Sean

Surrounded by talented and original musicians, Sean offers a distinctive and sharp insight into the current music landscape. Sean works with musicians and artists helping them to identify their unique story in order to develop their image through various publications and social media platforms.


Playing trumpet from an early age, Sean has a deep appreciation for performing and creating music. With a background in finance, Sean also understands how to deliver a return on your investment by solidifying your name and brand.


Sean writes for Melbourne based websites FasterLouder and Tone Deaf. Sean is also teaming up with Universal School of Music for the Wyndham Rising Star Competition, bringing emerging artists into the spotlight.


Working with Sean will help position you in the industry through his networks, publications and social media. Contact Sean A’Hearn to find out how we can work in partnership together!



  • Bios/press releases
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  • Musicians/Artists
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"Goosebumps, sensational! Oh my god I can't wait to share this with my friends, family and colleagues."
"Sean's work and expertise offered us the right strategy to take our profile and brand to a national level"
Steve Jaz, Managing Director of Universal School of Music

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