Born to Perform: Amanda Bier Interview

Amanda BierAmanda Bier has been singing her whole life. Writing her first song when she was in Grade 2, Amanda has been drawn to music for as long as she can remember. “I was one of those really obnoxious, ‘I’m better than everybody else’ kids,” she jokes.


Born in Melbourne but moving to Leongatha when she was 5, Amanda is back in Melbourne, making her mark on the local music scene. “I recently played Oktoberfest, at St Kilda Foreshore, and I regularly perform at the Belgrave market. I also do a lot of private functions. Weddings, Birthdays and markets mainly.”


Joining the highest level of the Australian Youth Choir and staying there for 7 years, Amanda then got into musicals and expanded her musical horizons. “I’m also a musical theatre kid! I was in an amateur production of Rent this year which was awesome!”


Working 6 days a week and having to juggle music in between is not easy for Amanda, particularly after her life got a whole lot more complicated with the tragic passing of her mother from ovarian cancer earlier this year.


“Cancer sucks and not enough people understand the implications it has on so many people’s lives. I mention it at most gigs, the importance of constant expression of love and care to those who are important to you, as you never know.”



Despite this, Amanda is still pushing on and keeping herself busy. Originally planning to study a Certificate 4 in Music, she has decided to hold off to focus on the release of her new EP, which is in the pipeline for next year.


“There are plans! I keep putting it off, because my life is very busy and complicated, especially since Mum died, however I am hoping to start recording at the beginning of 2018.”


An exciting prospect for the future, we eagerly anticipate what the future holds for Amanda Bier!


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