You Don’t Own Me: Brooke Lambert

Brooke LambertBrooke Lambert believes in being original. That might sound like a throwaway line. You’ve heard that 1000 times before right? With Brooke though, it comes across as genuine. You’ve probably heard that 100 times too.


Meeting Brooke in the flesh though, I can definitely confirm the verity of this statement. “I don’t follow trends or people. I strongly believe in being original and being yourself,” states Lambert.


Her brand new EP, Right Now came out on March 10th and the Gold Coast artist even took to the unique measure of hand delivering her EPs to all her Gold Coast fans. That shows someone who isn’t just hardworking but actually believes in her music enough to go the extra mile for her fans.


Her songs are about life and love, none more so than her latest single, ‘You Don’t Own Me.’ While this may seem like a cliché topic, delving a little deeper, Lambert describes the song being about when someone is fixated on you.

“When a person becomes controlling and possessive, when you’ve made it clear that you aren’t interested and actually have your sights set on someone else. You just want to be left alone.”


“This happened to me multiple times so I just got really frustrated. That’s how this song came about.” It is a sassy but fun country/rock song and the rest of her EP is much the same.


Taking even a cursory glance at Lambert’s Facebook page reveals all you need to know about the country artist. She is a relentless documenter of her day-to-day escapades (musical or otherwise).


This emerging Australian artist is going from strength to strength and starting to go viral with invitations to country music festivals as well as radio interviews and publication in local newspapers/magazines.


Check out her socials below and jump aboard the Brooke Lambert train!





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