Breaking Free: EP Review: Cam Bird – Phoenix

Cam Bird Phoenix EP

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Melbourne alt-rock artist, Cam Bird, is a one-man band who writes all of his music, including guitar parts, bass, drums and vocals, plays all the instruments himself (barring drums) and manages everything related to his own music. A man of many talents it would seem.


On Phoenix, Bird’s first EP, the force of the music hits you like a slap in the face with its raw energy and hard rock feel. Starting on a subdued note, it doesn’t take long before the main guitar theme of opener, “Rust” then launches into a full throttled attack. Bird’s guttural vocals and the crunch of his guitar are always at the forefront of the music.


From there it just gets heavier. “Crazed Old Man” has less time for the subtle moments with jagged guitar riffs and Bird’s powerful vocals punctuating every glorious moment. “No Angel”, possibly the heaviest track, immediately comes crashing out of the speakers with a wall of sound that delves more into the metal side of things, closing out the EP with a real adrenaline rush.


Light-heartedly describing his music as ‘aluminium’, Bird’s sound sits in between heavy metal and rock. ‘More accessible to the masses, but still hard-hitting and intense,’ describes the Melbourne artist.


Themes of isolation, loneliness, sorrow and self-loathing colour the EP a particularly dark shade of grey but lyrically Bird seems to be searching for hope amidst a crumbling backdrop.


This all seems very close to the bone as Bird himself describes being saved by a band 8000 miles away when, “on the precipice of taking his life, he put on a track by Metallica.”


As the chorus of “Angel” goes, Cam Bird may be ‘no angel’ but his music certainly soars to the heavens. A local artist with a very bright future ahead of him.

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