Chris Lake: Pouring his Feelings from his Being

Chris LakeChris Lake was always destined for music. When he was 4 years old, his mum wrote, ‘Chris loves music’, in his baby book, accompanied by all of her favourite artists at the time, including Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson. This simple statement sparked something, though it would take a few years for the young Chris to reach his musical potential.


Originally a drummer at 14, Chris picked up guitar at 15 and immediately loved it. While a relatively late bloomer musically, he has since gone from strength to strength. Anyone who has experienced a Chris Lake performance can testify to this fact. “Music is a refuge for me. I love exploring different genres, it broadens what you can do, musically.”


New Zealand born, now Melbourne based, Chris finally released his debut instrumental album, Feeling is Being, last month on YouTube. In the eternal words of Prince, this is definitely a ‘sign o’ the times’ for how artists release music today.


Now those who are wary when they hear ‘instrumental’ need not worry – Chris Lake’s music is genuinely a joy to listen to. Feeling is Being is just Chris and his trusty acoustic guitar, as simple as that. But it’s also so much more.


As well as being a very nimble guitar player, his music can be played anywhere. Whether it’s your musical refuge on the daily commute, background music for a Sunday BBQ or simply for personal enjoyment at home.


Very much a folk album in nature, Chris’ influences run deep. There is the Celtic loveliness of ‘Suantraí’ (meaning sleep or lullaby), Middle-Eastern/Indian riffage of ‘Aero’ and some sort of beach/island folk bliss, ‘Kaikouru’ (named after a town in his native New Zealand). ‘Aero’ is the real showstopper though, showcasing everything this guitar virtuoso has to offer. Indian sitar legend, Ravi Shankar is clearly an influence here.


Feeling is Being transcends genre convention though. Each song will stop you in your tracks and leave you listening in wonderment at the colours and shapes that Chris conjures from his guitar.


Feeling is Being is available to stream now on YouTube.




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