Daniel Burr: Voice for the Invisible Youth

Daniel BurrTasmanian born now Melbourne based artist, Daniel Burr had a troubled upbringing; so he began writing about it at the tender age of 11.


“I had a lot of really raw life experiences, at a young age. It was my way of dealing with that period.”


Writing down his personal experiences was one thing but refining them into songs to be shared with an audience was completely another. Initially hesitant to share his work, the turning point came when Daniel met a childhood idol of his: 90s pop princess, Tania Toko from Bachelor Girl.


“When I was 16 I met the lead singer of Bachelor Girl. She sat me down and said, music is what you’re feeling. If you put your emotions into what you write, it actually translates when you’re singing and you’re actually able to connect with people that way.”


Evidently, Tania was Daniel Burr’s first musical mentor and he took the free professional advice and ran with it. While it might’ve taken him 10 years, at last he is on the cusp of releasing his first single.


The song, entitled ‘Invisible Youth’, is about the injustices of the youth justice system and the negative effects it has on society.


The 29 year old says while the song is partly based on personal experience, it is also an issue that he believes doesn’t get enough media exposure.


“There is a big minority of young people who are incarcerated and they do get mistreated. You hear about it all the time in America but you don’t really see it talked about in Australia.”


The film clip for the song doesn’t make for easy viewing. Showing snippets of prison brutality and the damaging, psychological effects it has, Burr’s defiant lyrics sends a powerful message. For some, the provocative nature of the video has been a little confronting.


“I’ve had a few comments from people who have found the video a little bit distressing, particularly with what’s been going on in America recently. It’s all still a bit raw for a lot of people. That’s what we’re going for. I’d rather be raw and real rather than sweet and fake.”


With the single launch scheduled in two weeks, Burr had originally planned to release the single at the studio he recorded it at, Melodic Music. Until, that is, the universe threw a spanner in the works.


‘The event has been shifted to the 19th of November because someone decided to light a fire at Melodic! It’s now a showcase event at Carpe Diem in Prahran and features Brad Wolfe as the support act.”


‘Invisible Youth’ is out tomorrow (October 29th).

Check out Daniel Burr ’s Facebook page for more info around the single launch:


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