The Tale of a Melbourne Legend: A Kiwat Kennell Story

Kiwat KennellMelbourne Musician, Kiwat Kennell is a local legend.


When I first met Kiwat, he was running the now defunct Live Raw Open Mic night at Little Red Pocket in the heart of the CBD. A big personality, on and off stage, the guy is genuinely warm and inviting to be around.


A Torres Straight Islander from birth, Kiwat Kennell naturally grew up surrounded my music. “Music is engrained into our culture via story telling. Ever since I was a kid, I can remember singing.”


Picking up the guitar at 10, Kiwat has since become a regular performer around Melbourne, developing a serious stage presence and exciting audiences everywhere with his famous mash-ups and all-inclusive jam sessions.


With a Bachelor of Audio Production adding another string to his bow, Kiwat also runs his own Production Company which focuses on three key services: Sound, Events and Artists.


After hosting several Open Mic nights including Lona and Newmarket Hotel in St Kilda and his regular haunt, Baxter’s Lot in Fitzroy, Kiwat Kennell Productions is now taking a step back from Open Mics to focus on an exciting and mysterious project.


“We are currently working on a new local, event based project, that will be held at unusual locations in the north side of Melbourne.”



Meanwhile, Kiwat is keeping himself honest with his own music too, busily working away in the recording studio on some new material (when he has time).


“Currently I am working on an EP with my band Key Hoo, involving my best friend and band mate, Mathew Hooler. Our sound has been described as ‘Acoustic punk-rock hip-hop.’”


It doesn’t stop there though. Kiwat is taking 2018 to the next level with even bigger goals for the hardworking and ambitious emerging artist.


“In the New Year I will be aiming to head overseas and take my music to the streets. Busking my way around the world and creating a self-produced solo EP, recorded whilst travelling.”


Kiwat Kennell is playing tonight at the Windsor Alehouse on Punt Road, Windsor. For further info on Kiwat check out his socials below:





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