Living and Breathing Music: Emily Hatton

Emily HattonMelbourne Singer-songwriter, Emily Hatton is the embodiment of a musician. She even says so herself.


“I literally sing all the time. When I’m not playing an actual gig, it’s in the shower, at the supermarket, in the car… I’m that weird girl on the train, singing to herself. I truly live and breathe music.”


Having a music teacher for a mum and a Dad who filled the house with all his favourite records ensured Emily Hatton grew up surrounded my music. Her musical influences then, understandably, run deep.


From the storytelling of Shania Twain, the Dixie Chicks and Taylor Swift to the melodies and harmonies of 80s pop artists such as Journey, Toto and Billy Joel and even the crooners of the 50s and 60s, Em has a rich tapestry of inspiration to tap into.


Then of course, there are her Dad’s cherished Phil Collins, James Taylor and Sting records. “I listened to them so often, some of their tendencies have no doubt made it into my song-writing!”


It wasn’t until University though, that Emily had her breakthrough song-writing moment. “At 19, in my first year of university, I picked up a guitar for the first time (and wrote my first song). I’ve played it for about 3 hours every day since.”


Now 25, Em is a seasoned performer all over Melbourne, playing her charming country-folk songs at bars, markets and even Universities. In that time she has added plenty of original songs to her repertoire, two of which were recently entered in the Toyota Star Maker competition.


In conjunction with Tamworth Music Festival, the Toyota Star Maker competition invites aspiring country musicians to compete for a range of opportunities that will provide a substantial career boost for the winner. Em explains the reasons behind her song choices.


“I wanted to choose two songs that best encompassed my songwriting abilities. Another reason I chose these two is because they contrast, as “Breathless” is a slower, softer ballad, and “Blame” is an upbeat, catchy performance.”



Like a lot of local country musicians, it is naturally her dream to perform at Nashville – the epicentre of country music. Lucky for her then, that one of the prizes of the Toyota Star Maker is a trip to Nashville for the behemoth of all country music festivals, the CMA festival.


While it’s important to dream big, Emily is staying grounded, stating she’d just love to hear an audience sing her lyrics back to her.


“For me, music is all about connection with other people, and when you’re singing together, it crosses language barriers; it’s shared emotions, and shared experience. I truly believe this is what I’m meant to do with my life, and what I can give to the world.”


Truly, an emerging artist who lives and breathes music, check out Emily Hatton’s socials to stay in touch!




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