One More Weekend: We Used To…

Connor Dougan is one infectiously, positive dude. He is also a big ball of energy. The bandleader for local alternative Rock outfit, One More Weekend, isn’t a scatterbrain though; he has a vision.


That vision is to make a big splash. Short of world domination though (which is also a goal), Dougan has a meticulous plan. “You’ve gotta aim as high as you can and just push for it but you should research what you’re gonna do first. You have to know your shit. I can’t stress that enough,” the front man explains.


“Basically what you need to do is release your first single with the video, you let it run for a few months, release the album. Do it like the pros do!”


Hailing from Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs, One More Weekend play an upbeat brand of poppy alt-rock in the vein of early noughties emo rock bands such as Blink-182 and the Academy Is… Probably the most obvious link however, is Aussie pop-rock band, KissChasey.


In fact, as well as being inspired by KissChasy, the band even used the same producer, David Carr, to produce their new, debut album, “We Used to…” released on the 28th of July. Of course, there is a stringent process that the band is rigidly following.


“The album’s completely finished. We’ve done 2 out of 4 music videos, we have a tour bus, we’ve got a marketing campaign running; As soon as that’s finished we’re doing a listening party for it, a single… The only thing we’ve got to organise is the regional tour, and then the East Coast Tour.”


Managed by his father Leslie, Connor tells the story of the band’s origins. “My Dad bought me a guitar 6 years ago. I remember vividly he said, ‘Go on Connor, start a band. I dare you!’”


One More Weekend


That they did and, after finalising the core members that would become One More Weekend, the band has steadfastly pushed ahead with steely determination.


First single, Boxheads sees the band casting off the shackles of the mundane 9 to 5 office lifestyle. It could be one of a million songs about feeling trapped, stuck in a dead end job. Work sucks, we know, but One More Weekend offer hope that there is a way out if we choose to listen to our hearts. “Just give me one more day,” Connor laments, hopeful of a new, better life for himself and his band.



The rest of the album features more of the same pleasant poppy alt-rock vibes. Throughout, Dougan acts as a voice for the downtrodden and uninspired, those that are stuck in the mud and searching for a way out.


This voice is not limited to the smaller, day-to-day concerns either. Dougan and co also tackle the bigger issues, from spreading a unified message of peace in Humanity to complaining about millennials in Generation. There are also delicate moments on the mellow, Cover Talk and Lost at Sea which feature simply Dougan on acoustic guitar and vocals.


OMW’s second single, You Don’t Know Me, is basically all about being a square peg in a round hole, and proud of it. “I don’t conform to the social norms,” Dougan sings. Clearly he and the band have picked their target market here.


Led by Dougan, One More Weekend’s loveable band of outcasts are a refreshing splash of water in an industry saturated with manufactured talent and ‘reality’ TV shows like The Voice and Australia’s Got Talent.


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