Spotlight’s St Kilda Festival After-Party

St Kilda FestivalWell what a hectic night that was! To celebrate community spirit, Australian Music and the St Kilda foreshore, Spotlight Music ran a special St Kilda Festival After-Party at our home away from home, the Windsor Alehouse.


In a quick turnaround from our Triple J Hottest 100 party (read more here), three brand new artists took to the WAH stage on after the Festival/on Sat Feb 11th.


With a very rowdy pub crowd already in full swing, opener Jorja had to work really hard to project her delicate vocals. Doing an amazing job considering, the country/folk artist delivered an endearing set of country covers. She gradually turned a few pre-occupied patrons’ gaze her way with her sweet voice and a little bit of strategic eye contact.

St Kilda Festival

Mixing reggae/blues and alt-rock all into one (with a loop pedal for good measure), Bree Lowden can definitely hold her own on stage. Despite one particular, inebriated culprit trying to grab her mic, Bree soldiered on like a trooper. The local musician looped her songs with playful abandon through spot-on Amy Winehouse covers and a few, cheeky originals, bringing to mind fellow one-woman band, Tash Sultana.


As the already boisterous crowd swelled in numbers, psych-rock outfit, Universal Outcast were the perfect band to kick it up a notch. As the band were setting up, Bree Lowden lent her nifty drum skills to ensure there were no more stage invaders and the band’s entrance would be smooth.


St Kilda Festival


Opening with a fast and furious psych-rock jam, Universal Outcast set continued in this high-octane vein throughout, not once taking their foot off the accelerator. Lead singer/keyboardist Steve, shredder Dom, bassist Lachlan and drummer Sean whipped the crowd into a frenzy with mostly originals, but saved the best until last.


Finishing with two covers, Chuck Berry’s, ‘Johnny B. Goode’ (ensuring serial pest got his time on the mic) and particularly an extended, sped-up version of Devo’s, ‘Whip It’, the band blew the roof off the building before making a quick exit to avoid the escalation of the now unruly Irish soccer team’s antics.



A great team effort by all and many thanks to all the artists, the Windsor Alehouse staff and my partners in crime, Last Monument for managing everything and ensuring shit didn’t spiral out of control! Until the next event!


For more info on each artist follow the links below:

Bree Lowden
Universal Outcast

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