Spotlight’s Triple J Hottest 100 Party

Triple J Hottest 100 PartyWhat a way to kick off 2K18 for Spotlight Music with a special Triple J Hottest 100 Party!


To celebrate the Triple J Hottest 100 Countdown, Spotlight Music ran a special, Triple J themed Hottest 100 Countdown party at the Windsor Alehouse last Saturday.


Running from 2pm until 11, it was Spotlight’s biggest event to date, with 6 artists of various genres, backgrounds and personalities but a shared passion for music.


Almost forgetting his trusty guitar capo, Chris Kay kicked proceedings off with his smooth brand of R&B/Pop (a bit of Bruno Mars never goes astray). Chris even threw in new original, ‘ Out of My Mind’, which he recently recorded, showing improved confidence. Currently working with producer, Adrian Swish, out of Sydney, let’s hope this new collaboration will become a fruitful, creative partnership!


Eamonn Connor brought a new vibe to the WAH and a very gutsy (and a first for me) performance of Aha’s classic ‘Take on Me’ (Connor nailing the high notes too). Together with Than on keyboard and Jimmy on guitar, the band delivered an uplifting style of pop and unleashed an original of their own, ‘Pony Ride’ for good measure with Connor’s vocals soaring high. Than and Jimmy weren’t to be outdone either, each showing their expertise on their respective instruments.



Travelling 2 hours from Inverloch, Mat Morgan has never been one to shy away from a gig (no matter the location!). A solid performer of folky, acoustic tunes, Mat has been around the ol’ Melbourne traps for a long time. Patiently waiting while the drums were getting set-up for the next band, Mat played tracks off his new EP, ‘Some of Us Have Feelings’, (available on Spotify now) to a receptive audience.



After Kendrick Lamar’s huge hit, ‘Humble’ finished Traffic Jam Orangutan kicked it up a notch and started the party with a scorching rendition of ‘Bad to the Bone’. Vocalist and bassist (STRONG ZZ Top vibe/lookalike), Luke, has some serious chops and magnetic presence on stage. Guitarist Jayden is a serious shredder and Matt on drums completed the rhythm section. It’s always nice to hear a bit of sax too and Robbie didn’t just colour the background, he even took a solo (or two) giving the band a nice balance and the versatility to veer away from pure rock territory.



Co-headliner, Jake Fehily is a multi-talented singer, pianist and actor and all round, nice guy. The man has so many commitments it’s hard to keep up. In fact, I’ve written about him in a previous blog (really, it’s worth a read here). Jake brought a cool, jazz bar vibe to the night with his soulful vocals and keyboard prowess. He also simply let his music do the talking, introducing each song with jazzy keyboard flourishes before blowing everyone away with brilliant covers of Ed Sheeran and Blackstreet’s, ‘No Diggity’.



What more needs to be written about local legend, Kiwat Kennell? (I’ve done the leg-work here if you wanna read further about the great man). He is a staple of the Melbourne Music scene and one of the friendliest, down-to-earth, men I’ve had the privilege to meet and collaborate with. Performing his trademark mash-ups of pub classics and pop hits, Kiwat always delivers, perking the dying crowd back up with his upbeat, infectious energy, ensuring the long weekend was one to remember for emerging artists in Melbourne.

For more info on each artist follow the links below:

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